Sales Information


  • Value for Money Sale (£595.00)
  • All-In-One Sale (1.5%)
  • FREE Sale (FREE)

We offer a number of different options to help and sell your property; we provide a ‘Value for Money’ sales package, an ‘All in One’ sales package, and a ‘Free Sales Service’, all incorporating competitive fees varying upon your requirements.

‘Value for Money’ sales package (£595.00)

Our ‘value for money’ sales package includes everything that you would expect to receive from any estate agent, and our service provides everything you need to sell your property.
The service is based on a one-to-one personal basis, so you know exactly who you are dealing with throughout the sales process.

We market of your property will be published on over 160 websites plus our own website; we also embrace the use of social media to promote properties.

Accompanied viewing as standard to take any stress away from yourself and feedback is provided after each viewing.

Contact us today by calling 01724 487297 or 07807 654 716 or email

”All in One’ sales package (£1.5%)

Our ‘All in One’ sales package includes everything within our ‘Value for Money’ service, plus additional services.

The additional services include full legal requirements whilst selling or buying a property, we have joined up with a local specialist solicitor for all your conveyancing work required for buying or selling, ensuring that our competitive rates provide a service for you that other agents do not provide.

Contact us today by calling 01724 487297 or 07807 654 716 or email

‘Free Sale’ sales package (FREE)

Our ‘Free Sale’ service provides everything that our ‘Value for Money’ service provides, but with no costs.

Our ‘Free Sale’ service enables the customer to sell their property through auction for free, receiving the same service, but with no cost. Contact us for further details.

Our aim is to deliver the best results for the lowest competitive fee using one of our packages, giving potential buyers and sellers all the information they require and want from the start.

Our fees remain the same throughout the sales process and there are no contractual obligations on your part to remain with us for a minimum period of time, giving you more with greater flexibility when it comes to our fees and services.
So try us and give us a call on 01724 487297 or 07807654716 or email and compare our fees with others and start saving today.