Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tenancy agreement?

A tenancy agreement is the contract between the tenant and the landlord. Assured short hold tenants are liable to pay rent for the entire agreement period.

What happens at the end of the tenancy?

If you wish to move from the property make sure you give your landlord written notice. It is a good idea to send the letter by recorded delivery and to keep a copy for your own records.

Make sure all of the meters are read before you move out and ask for the final bills to be sent on to you at your new address.

What is an inventory?

We can conduct a full inventory of both the internal and external of the property, the inventory may include:

  • Furniture
  • Fittings
  • Conditions of the property to check against at the beginning and end of the tenancy

What is a deposit / bond?

This is a payment in addition to the rent paid by the tenant and is paid prior to the tenant taking occupancy in the property. The amount is usually the equivalent to one or two month’s rent.

The deposit / bond is held should the tenant or his visitors cause any damage to the property, either internally or eternally, or if at the end of the tenancy that rent is still owed to the landlord.

The deposit cannot be used as payment for the final period of the tenancy.

You will receive your deposit back after you have left the property.

As of 6th April 2007, the Tenant Deposit Scheme (TDS) came into force. After this date, it became illegal for a landlord to take and/or hold a deposit for a tenancy without being registered under one of the approved schemes. It is the landlord’s responsibility to comply with the requirements of this mandatory legislation.

What is GCH?

Gas Central Heating.

What is DG?

Double Glazed

What is DSS?

Department of Social Services.

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